spécialiste refroidissement rapide
fromfroid spécialiste refroidissement rapide
traitement d'air climatisation fromagerie
spécialiste refroidissement rapide
gestion de flux d'air
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traitement d'air climatisation fromagerie
spécialiste refroidissement rapide


Fabrication and Installation

FROMFROID, is there with you since 50 years


FROMFROID intervenes in the global management of your projects, from preliminary definition, engineering throughout installation using the  best technical solutions. This will guaranty the best quality of product with optimal production costs.

With 50 years of experience, FROMFROID has developed technological know how in cheese making, a service that is available to all customers through audits or counceling.


FROMFROID are reputable specialist in air treatment which is based on longtime experience and know how in high speed cooling in this field

This experience is available for FROMFROID  clients notably in these following terms :

  • Air treatment / Ultra-clean
  • Air flow management in cheese making
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Rapid refrigeration
  • Accurate temperature maintained in draining rooms


Multidisciplinary teams at  FROMFROID engineer each project according to best available techniques.


Our products are fabricated in our own production facility to strict fabrication standards in our very exclusive know how.

Installation and commissioning service

FROMFROID guaranties the installation of all equipment supplied.

  • Turnkey Installations provided by fromfroid technicians or local milwrights supervised by FROMFROID.
  • Installation and performances are optimized and assured by FROMFROID specialist technicians.


After sales services by FROMFROID completes the clients installations and commissioning while optimising all the supplied equipment.

Our parts services is available  for all parts supplied in our projects including

  • Controls and regulating components
  • Geo- textile micro fibre ductings
  • Electrical components
  • Cold and hot air exchangers evaporators.
  • etc


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