Air flow management and treatment for cheese making

Air treatment is necessary in several Agri-food sectors (dairy products, cheese, fruits and vegetables, meat, etc.).

In the cheese industry, mainly for soft cheese, two types of equipment are in charge of the air treatment process : air conditioners provide air with the good characteristics for cheese production (temperature, humidity, air velocity); and air treatment units guarantee the air management avoiding contaminations.

Air distribution is done by geotextile ducts. These ducts must be designed to control the homogeneity of the room as well as  air velocity around the products. Moreover, they are easy to clean.

On the other side, air management is mandatory in cheese making to avoid contaminations. Indeed, different molds – useful or not for a desired cheese elaboration – are present in the air and in the walls of the cheese factory. Therefore, the air flow must be oriented to extract every contaminating element as fast and clean as possible.

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